Encounter With Tall Nightcrawler Aka "Sisiutl" , "A'yahos", "sʔi:ɬqəý̓", Horned Serpent/Plumed Serpent/Deer Serpent/Double Headed Horned Serpent/Feathered Serpent/Nightcrawler/Wendigo/Demon (Supernatural Shapeshiftng Serpent Spirit) (Lower mainland/Fraser Valley, B.C Canada, Seen in 5 acre forest at night in the northwest rural part of my city)

This experience was the only paranormal experience I've ever had, probably the only one that I will ever have in my life and was one of the two most spiritual/terrifying experiences I have ever had. I am 26 years old, this experience still scares me to this day, I will never forget walking out of that forest that night and I will remember it for the rest of my life. I've looked all over google, the internet and reddit for encounters that were like ours and i've found absolutely no encounters detailing exactly what I have described us witnessing and me feeling. I am already well aware of the Nightcrawler videos, I wasn't aware of the videos till a couple years after our encounter/experience. I have seen the Fresno Nightcrawler videos many times, the movements looked way more terrfying and "psychedelic" in real life compared to the videos, and it looked a lot more ghostly/spirit like. It was visually stunning/haunting compared to the videos and something you wou